Monday, September 28, 2009

This guy...

I'm in love ♥_♥


I'm like 2 days late but I'm so glad they've finally caught him. Loads of people have been through worse but hasn't done sick shit like drug & rape a 13 year old girl. Sad past or not, nothing justifies rape. Just because it's been 10 years doesn't mean it's alright now.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

lol i'm dead


It's my favourite show on TV right now! I love how all the characters are so unpredictable. My favourite characters are the "evil" characters.

I love Puck!!


+ Will and Emma

and these two (although not Rachel so much anymore)




Ok I love them all except for the stuttering girl (who barely even gets screen time) and Will's nasty wife.

Revlon's Nude Attitude Lipstick Review

Picture might be a bad example due to my lip gloss and lip balm!

- Cheap although kind of expensive for a drugstore product
- Nice packaging (I love simplicity)
- Pretty colour, similar to MAC's Freckletone
- It's a nude lipstick so it's easy to match with your make up

- Really drying, without lip balm it made my lips look soo disgusting. It accentuated all the dry bits!
- Hard to just wear alone (without lip balm or lip gloss)

How I wear it:

I love this lipstick colour but the preparation takes way too long. The only way you can wear it alone without lip gloss or lip balm is to use a homemade scrub on your lips before you apply.

I tried the, "brushing your lips while brushing your teeth" method but that didn't work. I still had bits of dry spots left on my lips that the lip stick accentuated. I went online and found another homemade lip scrub that actually looked pretty good.

Honey & Sugar lip scrub:
Put 2 teaspoons of sugar into a teaspoon of honey
Mix the two together and then apply on your lips
Leave it on for 2 minutes and then when you're done you can either wash it off or eat it!

That definitely worked but the lipstick dried my lips throughout the day so I should have put on lip balm before.

Using a lip scrub can take a while (you know, assembling the ingredients and etc.) especially when you're in a rush in the morning. What I do is apply some Aquafina Lip Balm..

and some Vaseline (or lip gloss, petroleum jelly is bad for your lips in the long run) before I put on my Revlon Nude Attitude. Lip stick is designed to stick to your lips. With all that product underneath the lip stick, it probably won't last as long. The reason why I like to use Aquafina lip balm is that when my lip stick fades, my lips are still kind of nude due to the lip balm. It only turns my lips kind of nude an hour after applying though.

I've actually tried to use this underneath the lip stick too..

but it made my lips dry out within an hour.

In conclusion, you might as well use MAC's Freckletone.
This is the most gorgeous dress I've ever seen. The colours.. I'm in love ♥_♥